dac-2013---digital-bwProviding quality, cost effective learning that supports the growth and development of individuals, teams and the organisation.

Learning supports the growth and development of individuals and teams. It provides the opportunities for people to achieve their potential and has to meet the needs of an organisation in line with its aims, objectives and values.

Fun, engaging learning makes sure your people have the right knowledge, skills and behaviours to succeed whilst demonstrating your commitment to their ability and potential.

Your success relies on teams and individuals knowing what they are doing, why they are doing it and how to do it well and I can work with you to design and deliver workshops and events that meet business and individual’s needs covering areas such as:

– Leadership styles and approaches
– Motivation
– Recruiting the right people
– Managing performance
– Objective setting

In these troubled times, I can also work with staff at risk and going through redundancy or simply help develop these areas

– CV building
– Interviewee skills development

To find out more, call me on 07748903729 or take a look at www.iplearning.co.uk