Sussex & South-East Region

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Sussex & South-East Region

Sussex & South-East is a new region that will be hosting two Regional meetings in quick succession during spring 2018, and more thereafter!

Regional Roadshow 1 came to town (Worthing) on 25th April 2018 where Liz hosted 15 attendees at one of the seaside hotels to discuss GDPR. Practice Performance and Culture Roadshow 2 will come to the seaside on 25th July 2018! Go to to get signed up!

Liz Panter Regional Organiser

Liz has been working in the veterinary industry since 1994. She trained as a riding instructor before embarking on a career as a veterinary nurse, qualifying in 1997.

Liz has worked in a number of practices in Cambridgeshire and West Sussex. In 2005 Liz joined Arun Veterinary Group and is now Practice Manager.  Liz is passionate about her job and has a wealth of experience in all areas of the veterinary industry. Liz is an excellent communicator and works hard to make sure both clients’ and team’s needs are met.

Liz adores her cats – Sox, Marmite, Squidward and Little Boy but she also has a very talented dog, Piper. She enjoys keeping fit, walking Piper and reading!