Scotland North East Region

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Scotland North-East Region

Scotland North-East joined the VMG Regional stable in 2017 and is headed up by Stephanie Simpson and Michelle Murphy. A vast territory, it is likely that Scotland North-East will team up with other Scottish regions to bring Roadshows and other networking opportunities to the north of the country.

Their first meeting of 2018 will took place on 17th April 2018 at Jury’s Inn near Aberdeen airport. Stephanie and Michelle worked very hard to bring the final Credit Control and GDPR regulations Roadshow and the very first Practice Performance and Culture Roadshow 2 to Scotland on the same day!!  The meeting was a huge success with one delegate travelling over 400 miles to catch the lectures!

Stephanie and Michelle will be building upon this success to bring more non-clinical CPD to Scotland! On Thursday 13th September 2018 2-5pm to welcome the Blue Cross to talk about Client Retention during Pet Loss, a situation that we all have to handle so often in practice.  Register now at

Michelle Murphy Regional Co-Organiser

Stephanie Simpson Regional Co-Organiser