VetLed are delighted to be collaborating with the VMG to bring you the Performance in Practice Roadshow. VetLed’s mission is to enhance performance by inspiring and championing positive workplace culture for our people, our patients and our profession. The roadshow programme explores the positive impact of our performance approach, in which Veterinary professionals can maximise their own wellbeing and fully utilise their job specific skills to deliver optimal patient care.

Each 3-hour workshop will include an interactive presentation that encourages discussion and reflective learning. We provide insights from fields such as sport, aviation and healthcare and through group discussions position these principles within the context of your practice. We examine some key areas of research to highlight the tangible and proven benefits associated with our methodology and provide you with practical tips for implementation. There will be plenty of time for your questions and answers to ensure that the workshop meets your personal needs.

During the workshop, the VetLed team will introduce veterinary human factors. We will discuss the significance of non-technical skills as a means of improving patient safety by reducing the likelihood and mitigating the impacts of human error. Using examples from both within and outside of the Veterinary profession, adverse event case studies will be used to explore error in relation to key issues such as communication and leadership. Exploring errors in this way helps us to understand and normalise human limitations and fallibility; a crucial step in maximising performance. Such examples also demonstrate the importance of a just culture, as an alternative to a blame culture, and the associated impact on learning and improvement.

Integral to performance are aspects of systems and process. Our workshop will provide an opportunity to understand more about how tools such as checklists and reporting systems can positively influence patient safety. Specifically, we focus on the importance of the associated human behaviours, rather than the processes themselves, as a means of maximising the impact of these tools.

A key focus of the workshop is wellbeing. When your team are physically and mentally well, it is not only good for their own health but for what they can offer to their colleagues, to their patients and to their practice. We will share strategies for stress management and improved wellbeing, prepared by psychologists and coaches within the VetLed team, along with the supporting evidence.

The key to sustainable improvement in patient safety and performance, however, is to deeply embed all of these principles within your organisation. We link all of the aforementioned topics to workplace culture and demonstrate how our approach supports lasting positive change to wellbeing and behaviour, leading to optimal patient care and a thriving business.

Who are VetLed?

VetLed was founded by Ru Clements, a vet who understands first-hand the inner workings of the profession and the significant challenges that veterinary professionals have to overcome every day. The VetLed team believe that creating a compassionate and professional workplace culture that puts patient safety and employee wellbeing right at the core will, in turn, improve animal welfare, improve customer satisfaction, and help veterinary professionals to realise or reconnect with their vocation.

 “Culture underpins everything. It defines the health of your practice and what makes your teams tick. Every practice has its own unique culture, which can be expressed as ‘the way we do things around here’. Culture has an effect on everyone who touches it; and it affects everyone. Culture is the hidden health of your practice”

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