Exciting News!! VMG Regional Roadshow 2 will not only bring you fantastic advice on understanding and managing a positive practice culture, but on several of the dates will also feature a lecture from the fantastic team at the Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service to advise on Client Retention during Pet Loss!

An absolute MUST  for all members of the practice client care team including vet nurses, animal care assistants and all of the front of house team, this presentation will cover many aspects that you encounter in your practices daily, from the difficult conversations involved in quality of life, pre and post euthanasia, as well as  tips for do’s and don’ts when dealing with your clients.

With over 24 years of experience, Blue Cross will help you look at the importance of self-care for you and your teams,  the grief cycle and how the support service can be there for you and your clients, when the time comes.

The combined regional meetings will take place in Grantham, Maidstone, Devon, Pembrokeshire, Oxford, Bromsgrove and Rotherham with further practice performance and culture full workshops in Kings Lynn, London, Welshpool and Worthing. It’s a busy spring and summer 2018 at VMG!

To register for the regional meeting closest to you visit: www.events-by-vmg.co.uk and head for VMG Roadshows.