Networking with Other Members

The VMG offers members a variety of opportunities for networking regionally and nationally, both online and through formal and informal meetings and events.

Regional Networking Opportunities

The VMG has an active regional infrastructure throughout the country providing a forum for education, networking, support, and the exchange of ideas.

A network of Regional Organisers maintain contact with members, report to the VMG Board and run local meetings for members and non-members, including all staff categories in veterinary practices. For details of activities in your area visit the Regions Page.

National Networking Opportunities

In addition to the regional meetings and CPD opportunities (open to those from outside the region as well), the VMG holds an annual conference, as well as management days and practice management seminars at other veterinary association meetings. Please see our Events Page for details of forthcoming meetings

Networking Online

One of the key aims of the VMG is to provide a communication network through which members can exchange information, ideas and experiences. Two online resources separate from the VMG website provide this means of communication between members on a day-to-day basis.


The VMG eGroup allows communication between members via email and is run as a Yahoo Group. Members who have signed up can also access previous conversations online at the eGroup’s Homepage. However, membership of the eGroup is restricted to VMG members; non-members, and members who have not signed up to the eGroup, are not able to view these conversations.

To join the eGroup, go to the Homepage, click on Join Group and then follow the instructions given. If you are not currently signed in with Yahoo, you will be taken to the Sign In Page. If you have not previously used Yahoo Groups, you will need to scroll down this page and click on Create New Account. Once you have completed the joining process, your request will need to be approved by the VMG eGroup Moderators, after which you will start receiving eGroup messages and will be able to start, and contribute to, conversations with other VMG members.

More comprehensive instructions are available in printable format at this link. If you have any problems joining or using the eGroup, please contact the VMG Office.