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The VMG is open to everyone working in veterinary practice management, whether their background is as a practice manager, a veterinary surgeon, a veterinary nurse or a member of the non clinical/support team, as well as to those coming into practice management from outside the veterinary sector. No matter whether you are completely new to practice management or to management within the veterinary sphere or consider yourself an old hand, the VMG has plenty to offer you and will welcome your input into its support, education and networking opportunities.

Learn share growOn joining the VMG you will gain access to the knowledge and experience of the largest group of veterinary practice managers in the UK, with whom you will be able to network online as well as face to face. You will be able to attend the association’s annual congress, management days and CPD events, as well as practice management seminars at other veterinary associations’ meetings. In addition, the VMG organises regional management groups and meetings and has an active eGroup: a communication network through which members can exchange information, ideas and experiences.

The Group issues weekly email updates on news, events and activities and once a month issues its electronic E-newsletter containing articles and reports aimed at informing and educating members on current topics within the industry.

There are a range of benefits available to VMG members, details of which can be obtained from the office or in the Members’ Benefits section of this website.

Members are also able to undertake the organisation’s qualifications: the Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management (CVPM) and the Veterinary Practice Administration Certificate (VPAC): both widely recognised markers of excellence in practice management and administration.

Joining the VMG is easy; details can be found on the Membership Categories and Fees Page.

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