Essex Region

Liz La Page has held annual meetings in Essex since 2014. Liz attracts good attendance at her meetings, and we hope other veterinary business managers in her area will support her at future meetings.

Liz held one of the Sage Workshops back in July 2017, and held a Regional Meeting on the 7th November 2017 with guest speaker Gerry Harkins of Premier Vet Alliance talking about “How to run a successful preventative healthcare plan”.

Liz has already kicked 2018 off in style with the very first meeting of the current Regional Roadshow with Mike Brooks of DSL (uk) on 6th February 2018. Liz said of her meeting “Really useful, positive, helpful evening. I think everybody appreciated the presentation, Mike’s willingness to answer questions and the chance for us all to chat about practice life!!”

Liz will announce her next 2018 meeting in the near future!


Liz La-Page Regional Organiser

Liz has extensive experience in managing veterinary clinics, a role she thoroughly enjoys. Married with 5 children, she recently moved to a new practice in Essex from Kent, and before that from a busy charity practice in London. Liz lives in the Essex area and is keen to provide an opportunity there for Practice Managers to get to know each other and support one another.

Liz’s house is bursting with animals; everything from a crazy rescue dog who is almost blind and an entire little family of rescued cats she just couldn’t leave behind in her last practice, to tiny Russian hamsters and her son’s more exotic geckos. Liz is part of a lively church family near to where she lives and in her spare time she is a keen horse rider and mountain biker but also enjoys more leisurely family walks in the countryside – and meals in country pubs!